Where to leave your car safely if you fly from Niš?

NiPark is the ideal solution for you!

Book your parking place and let us take care of your car. NiPark is the first registered car park, specialized for cars keeping with hundred parking places. It is situated in the secured complex with profesional NiFon security sistems. It is additionaly fenced and under 24/7 video monitoring. We provide free transfer to and from the terminal. The number of satisfied customer speak for us!

Rezerviši Odmah

+381 61/226 36 46

How does the car park function?

If you come to the airport by car where can you park it in save and favourable way until you return?

NiPark offer you a simple and chip solution! After getting to NiPark car park our driver will take you to Constantin the Gret Airport. If there are more traveller, you leave them at the terminal (10 minutes free) and after that you came to the car park! On your way back we come to take you to your car. The transport is free! Our car park is opposite the airport and you dont need to be bothered about being late! when you park your car, you can either take your key or let us to keep it, which is written in the Contract anex, a copy of which you get. Simple, isn’t it ?!

The only public parking secured from the weather disaster (hail) !

In order to provide to our clients carefree travel, we offer parking spots with extream weather protection (anti hail net) !

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